When a cellular provider targeting gamers as potential Internet market

Play games today not only as entertainment, but a lot of people who play the game professionally, and earn money from the game. Indonesia has a great chance in the game. According to research by Niko Partners, a market intelligence firm App Annie and mentions that the game market in Southeast Asia is able to achieve revenues of up to 784 USD in 2014. In southeast Asia, there are three countries with the fastest growing games namely Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam (http: //infoklasika.print.kompas.com/pasar-game-di-indonesia/).

McKinsey Global Institute never projected growth of Internet users by 20 percent per year, and in 2016, internet users in Indonesia will reach 100 million people. Increasing the number of Internet users also have an impact on the game in Indonesia. Because so many smartphone users in Indonesia, and the average smartphone users use their smartphones for gaming. Smartphones becoming an important factor for many internet users in Indonesia are using smartphones to access the internet.

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The needs of gamers on the device to play games

Professional gamers or gamers that just to entertain themselves have a special need to be able to play their game. To play games can not use a computer, a laptop, or a gadget that has a standard specification. Playing games requires sophisticated tools and quality because it determines the quality, speed, appearance, and performance of games played gamers.

Moreover, a professional gamers, they make the game as their passion and the game as his main occupation. If they can not play the game with a good performance, then it will hamper their work.

Even today many providers in the smartphone game, especially on Google Play which provide specifications gadget that can install their game. Good game typically requires a gadget with a high specification. Starting from the version of Android that is used, the RAM on a smartphone, the smartphone screen, and so on.

It is widely used in the company providing gadgets with special specifications for gamers. Start computers, laptops, smartphones, and so forth that have special specifications for gamers.

Internet connection as the needs of gamers

Gadget or device needs to gamers not be the focus of discussion in this article. But I am interested in one cellular provider in Indonesia that is targeting the market of gamers for their internet products.

Well, keep in mind the current games integrated with the Internet. Because the game is not only played the game for fun, but also compete with other game users.

Indeed, there are games that can be played offline. But I think when playing offline games was not satisfactory, nothing special when playing games against the machine computer or smartphone. But there is a different sensation when playing games with against people from all over the world. To fight game users around the world, we need an Internet connection to be connected with people around the world.

There is satisfaction when winning a game or beat the gamers from around the world. That is the reason why gamers love games that are online compared to offline gaming.

Telkomsel create ads with Nixia

Turns opportunities gamers are able to be read by Telkomsel is one cellular company in Indonesia. When I see the national TV, I often see ads about the experience of gamers in winning the competition games. In the ad shows that Telkomsel promote internet connection is fast and stable.

I analyze why Nixia used as advertising? Monica, known as Nixia is a professional female gamers in Indonesia and the CEO of Nixiagamer. Nixia create a website as a media archive and sharing information about gaming, events, hardware, and gadgets. With the ability to gaming that made her famous, Nixia finally getting more sponsors (http://nixiagamer.com/profile). Nixia very well known in Indonesia as gamers and well-known in the community of gamers in Indonesia. This finally makes Nixia to appear in advertisements Telkomsel in Indonesia National TV.

With ads that show how Nixia achievement and winning a tournament game, it will be able to attract gamers market to use the internet service is fast and stable. Because the Internet is fast and stable it is needed by gamers.

Although the price of Telkomsel internet is more expensive, it will not be a problem for gamers. Based on the survey, gamers are willing and able to buy products at a great price. (Https://www.thinkwithgoogle.com/articles/why-gamers-should-be-part-your-audience-strategy.html)

From this it is known that gamers market opportunity for hardware products as computers, laptops, gadgets, and so on. And a cellular provider also makes gamers as a target market to sell their internet service.

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